在我们的 正在进行的系列博客, we have examined some of the major factors causing the recent coastal port congestion. 今天, 值得注意的是,我们将继续关注连锁反应, the crucial role truck drivers play in our supply chain 和 the contributing factors resulting in the current truck driver shortage.

Even as technological advancements continue to shape 和 shift the supply chain, truck drivers will remain vital to the transport of our goods. More than 70% of all freight moved across the United States requires h和ling by a driver. 3.5 million drivers in this country collectively cover more than 430 billion miles every year. 除了他们的体能和耐力, their knowledge of the road — managing traffic 和 navigating closures — is vital. Drivers are present in nearly every step in the supply chain, from delivering raw goods to manufacturing to finished products to our doorsteps. Without them, the world we are accustomed to living grinds to a halt.

With the alarming trend of a shortage of truck drivers that has only continued to escalate since the start of the p和emic, 我们的感觉 影响 我们所有人都在,空荡荡的商店货架上, 更高的价格, 耐用品的等待时间很长,这只是其中的一些例子. We explore four primary reasons that are contributing to the truck driver shortage 和 ways to attract 和 retain drivers during this time.

While every industry connected to the supply chain is experiencing disruption, 卡车司机的短缺是最紧迫的问题之一. 司机短缺, 在COVID-19破坏之前,这是一个现实, 最近几个月才加剧, 由于, 在某种程度上, 消费需求不断增长.

Four of the most pressing factors 影响ing 和 exacerbating driver shortages are:

  1. 大流行造成的劳动力损失
    When COVID-19 closures 和 restrictions crashed down upon the economy as a whole, 一些行业受到的影响比其他行业更大. 卡车运输无疑是其中之一. 起初, closures 和 delays meant fewer hours 和 more restrictions, leading many drivers to seek early retirement or a career shift. At the same time, many training facilities for new drivers were shuttered. 该行业尚未反弹这些根本性损失. The trucking industry is short 80,000 drivers which is a record high. 这比大流行前增加了30%, 当时该行业已经面临61人的劳动力短缺,500名司机. Chris Spear, President 和 CEO of the American Trucking Association
  2. 培训和授权
    Unlike other jobs where new workers can be thrust into a position with little-to-no training, drivers require many hours of professional training 和 licensing. When you add the reality of ever-changing regulations — such as new hours of service (HOS) 和 Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) m和ates — it’s no wonder seasoned drivers unwilling to adjust to the new rules are leaving the field in higher numbers than in previous generations.
  3. 老龄化的劳动力
    Speaking of which, the current average truck driver age is 55 years old. While this means there is a lot of experience out on the road, 这也意味着许多人将面临退休, 考虑提前退休, 或者随着行业的变化而考虑其他职业.
  4. 过度的压力
    在大流行期间, life on the road became increasingly riddled with challenges, 包括封闭的休息站, 有限的就餐选择, 以及增加的安全要求. 即使放宽了限制, the stress of continuing uncertainty 和 long hours has pushed drivers to limits they might have, 在另一个时间, 推动. 而不是, drivers are taking more time off or have decided to transition to another career that provides a better work/life balance.

Fixing a broken supply chain 和 replenishing a dwindling workforce will not happen quickly. But there is hope that meaningful change can occur over time, even in small doses. While the trucking industry looks at ways to cast a wider net to attract young adults 和 millennials, there are some ways to retain drivers 和 gain traction in this challenging time.

  • 承认和奖励 - While pay hikes are needed to remain competitive, it’s not necessarily all about wages. Simply being recognized 和 appreciated can make a difference in someone’s attitude. Earning a reputation for treating drivers with respect can improve your overall relationships (和 inch out the competition for good workers).
  • 提高效率 - Working smarter instead of harder is a good strategy for any business. In logistics, however, measurable improvements can turn mere minutes into major profits. While some more experienced drivers can resist ever-changing technology, companies that utilize tools that support drivers while providing real-time visibility to customers will remain ahead.
  • 利用网络 - Keeping track of availability at any given time can be quite a challenge. Consider leveraging an existing network that can easily connect prospective brokers with qualified drivers. This can strengthen provider 和 partner relationships as well as shorten the time spent seeking jobs 和 workers.

在这焦虑增加,确定性降低的时期, reaching out to find a reliable partner you trust can make all the difference. EASE has a track record of delivering proven results — especially in times of crisis — 和 can offer end-to-end managed logistics services with unparalleled customer service. 我们的广泛的, strategic network of highly vetted transportation 和 logistics partners means we’re equipped with the proper solution for every supply chain need.

Keep tuning in as we continue to explore the very latest developments on coastal port congestion. 在下次更新的博客中, we’ll focus on growing consumer dem和 coupled with the supply chain crunch that will cause holiday shopping snags. 读第5部分. 与此同时,通过阅读来赶上这个系列 第1部分, 第2部分第3部分 要了解更多.

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